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 We work for you, not Wall Street!


“Our loyalty is to our clients, and that will never change. We have earned their faith and trust by looking after their best interests. You can always expect that from us. We expect nothing less than the best from ourselves.”

Safe Money Advisory, LLC offers customized Personal Benefit Analysis that assists our clients in maximizing their benefits with certainty in their retirement plans. Our focus is to help make sure you don’t leave any stone unturned and to maximize your choices in your pathway to retirement. Leaving no stone unturned needs to include inflation, tax strategies, social security, estate planning and other considerations which help reduce the danger of running out of money in retirement. Most of your decisions are final or permanent, so choosing carefully is of the utmost importance. This strategic approach allows us to stress test your retirement plans, not only today, but into the future


To achieve your financial goals when planning your retirement, it’s crucial you work with a consultant who has comprehensive knowledge and experience in your federal benefits.

The Safe Money Advisory team has earned the Federal Retirement Consultant℠ (FRC) Designation and Certification signifying we have demonstrated a level of knowledge that you can trust.

To remain as FRC℠ professionals in good standing listed on FINRA, we must adhere to an established Code of Ethics and mandatory continuing education plus yearly testing.

National Ethics Association Member




In an effort to put our clients' minds at ease, we are proud members of the National Ethics Association. This requires us to be held to the highest ethical standards, ensuring that we have your best interest at heart. 

Look us up at under the member name: Michael Jaspan.




Following an established code of ethics and professional conduct which advocates for the best interest of federal employees.


Increasing professionalism by expanding knowledge in the complexities of the federal employee retirement systems and related benefits. 


Holding professionals who earn the FRC℠ Designation to the highest ethical standards

Certified College Advisors

Medge and Michael Jaspan are certified by the College Funding Solutions and are member of the American College Foundation.

The Secret to Lifetime Financial Security

 Michael is one of the few financial advisors in the country to complete the rigorous training it takes to become a Bank on Yourself Authorized Advisor, and as such has taken part in creating one of the best financial planning books out there today. A collection of 35 safe money experts each contributed their top tip for financial security, and Michael contributed his "Fourth Alternative" tip. 

Order The Secret to the Lifetime Financial Security EBook to learn what the country's top advisors took years to discover.

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