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The Team

Michael E. Jaspan

Michael is specialized in financial literacy. He helps his clients with retirement and whole life planning. He has a holistic approach.

Michael was born and raised in the Philadelphia area. He is a proud Penn State Alumnus. As a lifelong Philly resident, he is involved with many organizations throughout the community, including supporting Shriners Hospitals for Children and the Masonic Children’s Home. Michael has over 30 years of experience in the financial services industry and focuses on implementing secure, distinctive strategies to protect his clients’ wealth. Over the years, Michael has helped countless families with two of their primary financial concerns: retirement and college planning. In 2015, Michael joined a team of advisors offering a safe and predictable outcome for your retirement.

To achieve your financial goals when planning your retirement, it’s crucial you work with a consultant who has comprehensive knowledge and experience in your federal benefits.

The Safe Money Advisory team has earned the Federal Retirement Consultant℠ (FRC) Designation and Certification signifying we have demonstrated a level of knowledge that you can trust.

To remain as FRC℠ professionals in good standing listed on FINRA, we must adhere to an established Code of Ethics and mandatory continuing education plus yearly testing.

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Medge Jaspan

Medge Jaspan has worked in the corporate world for over 20 years, wanting to impact more people; she left Cannes, France, following her heart and using her gifts and talents to inspire others. After a one-on-one personal assessment, she will create a customized strategy for you.

Medge specializes in the study of positive psychology, spirituality, quantum energy, and conflict resolution, which encourages and supports her clients on their journeys while assisting them by combining techniques to initiate a proper psycho-spiritual healing process.


As an Abstract Artist and Positive Psychology Practitioner, Medge will show you how to unveil your inner connections so that you can embrace your greatest strengths and gifts. These techniques will enable you to thrive and manage the unexpected.

I studied Positive Psychology, spirituality, quantum energy, and conflict resolutions to encourage and support people on their journeys. To assist you, I combine techniques to initiate emotional release as a true psycho-spiritual healing process.

​​After a personal quest to find my intrinsic essence, I had the experience, training, and knowledge to inspire others to do the same.  
​As a Positive Psychology Practitioner, I guide you to embrace your greatest strengths and gifts to help you thrive and better handle daily struggles.

I created  What Else is Possible to Live From Your Heart: a 3-Month and

6-Month  program to let go of all the disturbing past, anger, and resentment. You will Transform & Reinvent Yourself and during this transition, you will find your purpose to create and rebuild a happier and more meaningful life. I am unique and fabulous, and so are you"©.

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